Creator: Pacthesis


Languages: English

Type: GxB

Rating: Teen


The game first starts off with Lexie looking for a band to join she is a guitarist who has always dreamed of being a star. She ends up running into Cody Wing, the drummer of Sistehcap. They need a guitarist so they let Lexie join the band, she only has 30 days until their next concert. In those 30 days you can talk to any of the band mates there are also two unlockable characters. For one of them you have to find something, the other you just have to wait until it's the 16th

Love InterestsEdit

  • Ace Summers (Actor/Unlockable Character)
  • Cody Wing: (Bandmate)
  • Zane Pierce: (Bandmate)
  • Emerson Reid(Bandmate) Devin Vesey(Ex- Bandmate)